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I'm Rod Buck, Wendy's creator.

Thirty-odd years ago I decided that Hang Gliders and Paragliders needed to know what the winds were on the hills before we left home, so I created Wendy Windblows.

Wendy is a chain of real-time weather stations on the actual flying sites. (Or, at least, as close to them as we can get).

You can look at all the free 'forecast' sites you like, but, you still need to know what it's actually blowing on the hills before you set off - if you're to avoid wasting time and petrol...


Wendy tells you the ACTUAL conditions at your favourite site! Many of the best pilots have subscribed to Wendy for 15 years or longer!

They Wouldn't Keep Paying If It Wasn't Good, Would They?

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Wendy Depends on Support from Pilots

Lynn and I raise the money to build and maintain the stations (and it's expensive to keep it all going) by subscription from pilots - who tell me that the time and petrol they save easily covers the 2-3 times the cost. The more of you that join, and support Wendy, the better I can make her! More sites, better services...

How Much Is It?

You can choose from 3 types of subscription, depending on how long you want to use it for. The longer you join for, the cheaper it is!

Monthly Subscription £4.95 per Month(min term just 1 month)
Annual Subscription £46.00 per Year(works out at £3.83 per month equivalent)
Two Year Subscription £60.00 for 2 years(works out at £2.50 per month equivalent)

All subscriptions are paid by Bank Standing Order, Credit or Debit Card, or Paypal, and auto-renew, like a magzine subscription.   In other words, your subscription carries on until you tell us you want to stop. You have to tell us one month before your auto-renewal is due to give us time to change the software to remove you, though.

If you don't give us this one month's notice, we reserve the right to take the due subscription, which we won't refund.

Because we are only a 2-person service (Lynn and I), and we run this service to fliers in our spare time, and we sometimes go away, (on holiday, or looking after our main business) we reserve the right to take annual and 2-yearly subscriptions up to 1 month before the renewal date, if we would be away on that date. Otherwise, your membership will run out, and you may be denied access - and we won;t be around to help you change it. However, you still get the time you have subscribed for. In other words, if your renewal date is 3rd April 2016, and your 2-year subscription then runs until 3rd April 2018, we may apply to your card or bank for payment any time after 3rd March 2016 - but the subscription is still valid until 3rd April 2018.

This is why we require a month's notice if you wish to cancel, so we don't take your payment inadvertently. It's a reasonable notice period, similar to that used by the likes of Sky etc,

More details about this here. The benefit goes both ways, though... in return for continuous subscription, Wendy's policy is:

Your Subscription NEVER Goes Up!

I believe that loyalty should be rewarded. So, as long as you stay subscribed, your rate is fixed - and never goes up. Any price rises only affect new members. I have many people on Wendy who have been members since 1996 or so, and are still paying the rate they joined at then (£24!)

If you leave, and come back later, you pay whatever the rate is then. Stay with us, and your rate is fixed.

Full Subscription Terms and Benefits of Wendy

You can see all the subscription terms, and the full list of benefits here

What Do I Get When I Join?

Weather Data Online

Access to the Wendy website, where you can easily see the real-time weather patterns over the country, and check the individual sites you're interested in.

Telephone Service

Wendy has a phone service - you can call our number 0114 287 4464 and select the weather station you require, and it will read out to you the up-to-the-minute wind and sky report for your chosen site. You can call it from your home landline or mobile number - useful if you don't have a PC or a smartphone. Or if you don't have enough signal for a web connection on your mobile. The number is a normal landline number, so should be free to call from most calling plans.

Text/Email Alert Service

You can set up, on the website, the conditions you like at your favourite site, and Wendy will email you or text you when those conditions occur - never miss a good flying day again! (there is a small charge per text for text delivery).

Text Weather Request

You can text in any flying-site name to Wendy's text server 07786 200 431 and it will send you back, within a few seconds, the weather for that site.

You can text, say  Dyke?  to 07786 200 431 to get back the report for Devils Dyke, near Brighton.

It's the same info as the phone service, above - but more convenient in many ways. You can read it as many times as you like, at leisure - and you can get a text report when there isn't enough signal for a phone call!

Text-Reporting Service

Wendy has a text-reporting service. In other words, if you arrive on your local flying site, and wish to post a comment to Wendy, you can text it in to us, and it will be echoed out to all the other members looking at the weather for that site today. Something like:

Ian Currer is at Wether Fell, and people are going XC right now! 11:47 30/9/2010

Coming Soon

Major changes are under way at Wendy - I am designing and installing a much-improved set of equipment that will bring major benefits.

More Frequent Updates

There will be weather updates every minute or so to the website (currently it updates every half hour).

Web Cam images

It's not easy to get web cam images from remote hilltop locations, but improvements in mobile broadband means it's now possible, and I think I've cracked it, so Wendy will include webcam sky shots. Or in some cases, how many gliders are on the hill!



There will be a suggestions page, where you can leave your feedback about the service.

All this, for as little as £2.50 a month equivalent... got to be a bargain!

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