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Westbury White Horse Weather Station

Current Weather

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Station Details

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Station Situation

Westbury Wendy station is on top of the radio mast about 300 yards southeast behind the famous Westbury White Horse at Westbury, near Bath For detailed location, see the linked map.|OS Grid ref: ST904509|Altitude: 755ft (230m)

Interpreting Readings

The actual site at Westbury takes winds principally from W and WNW, but the Wendy station is used to check the winds for other nearby hills, which take other wind directions. The anemometer is approx 60 feet above ground level, and is in clear air for most directions. Because it is well back from the White Horse hill edge, it reads the true windspeed in the area, NOT the winds you can expect on the edge itself, which may be considerably higher, due to "compression" or "venturi" effects. In other words, the Wendy station will read the winds you experience once you have taken off and climbed out of the compression band in front of the hill. more...

Pilot Notes

The site is used by Hang Gliders, and Paragliders, who belong to the Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club, who should be contacted before flying a Hang or Paraglider in the area. The site is also used by model flyers, I understand.

Local contacts

Avon Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Sites Associated With this Station

SiteLatest Wind
Cam Long Down Not logged on
Combe Gibbet Not logged on
Crook Peak Not logged on
Draycott Not logged on
Golden Ball Not logged on
Long Knoll Not logged on
Maes Knoll Not logged on
Marley Combe Not logged on
Mere (Cowards Bowl) Not logged on
Mere (Spencers Bowl) Not logged on
Milk Hill Not logged on
Monksdown Not logged on
Morgans Ridge Not logged on
Okeford Not logged on
Rybury Not logged on
Sugar Hill Not logged on
Tan Hill Not logged on
Westbury - Bratton Camp Not logged on
Westbury White Horse Not logged on
Whitesheet Not logged on
Winklebury Not logged on

Service Status

12th August We moved the main computer unit to a new location last week, there was a temporary loss of telemetry data on 11th/12th August, but it seems to have resolved.
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