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Carlton Bank Weather Station

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Station Situation

Carlton Bank Wendy station is on the premises of the Carlton Moor Gliding Club, on a hill above and to the south of Carlton-in-Cleveland village, near Stokesley, to the south of Middlesbrough. The Carlton Bank flying site is about 400 yards to the North, used by Hang Gliders, and Paragliders, who belong to the North Yorks Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club who should be contacted before flying a Hang or Paraglider in the area. The area is also popular with walkers. For detailed location, see the linked map.|OS Grid ref: NZ524022|Altitude: 1300ft (396m)

Interpreting Readings

The actual site at Carlton Bank takes winds primarily from NW through N to NE, but we have no precise information. The Wendy station is not in an ideal location, being a little lower down, but it is the nearest place we could obtain a site nearby. The station is well back from the North-facing escarpment edge, and thus tends to under-read in Northerly winds, particularly in unstable conditions, when the main wind force passes over the top of the station. In all other directions, there is flat ground around the station, so in East through South to West winds, the station will read the true windspeed. The anemometer is approx 40 feet above ground level. A check with Sutton Bank is advisable, and average the readings of the 2 stations. Sutton has flat ground to the North of its sensors, so it reads true in Northerlies. However, it gets rotored in SW-W-WNW, and under-reads. So, you should check Sutton Bank for flying at Carlton Bank, and Carlton Bank for flying at Sutton Bank! more...|Local contacts|North Yorks Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Pilot Notes

No detailed information is available.

Local contacts

North Yorks Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club

Sites Associated With this Station

SiteLatest Wind
Blackhall Not logged on
Boltby Not logged on
Capt Cooks Monument Not logged on
Carlton Bank Not logged on
Clennell Hill Not logged on
Coldmouth Hill Not logged on
Cringle Moor Not logged on
Cross Fell Not logged on
Easington Not logged on
Hamledon Hill Not logged on
Hepburn Wood Not logged on
Hogden Law Not logged on
Hownam Law Not logged on
Humbleton Hill Not logged on
Huntcliffe Saltburn Not logged on
Longknowe Not logged on
Lordenshawe Not logged on
Lumsdon Law Not logged on
Marske Sand Dunes Not logged on
Model Ridge Not logged on
Moneylaws Not logged on
Old Bewick Not logged on
Robin Hoods Bay Not logged on
Skinningrove Not logged on
Summerhill Not logged on
Sutton Bank Not logged on
Titlington Pike Not logged on
West Hill Not logged on
Wether Fell Not logged on
Yeavering Bell Not logged on

Service Status

This station is working normally, as far as we are aware.
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