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Nont Sarahs Weather Station

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Station Situation

Nont Sarahs (Nonts) Wendy station is on the famous Nont Sarahs pub on the moors to the West of Huddersfield. The Nonts flying site is about a mile to the West, used by Hang Gliders, and Paragliders, who belong to the Pennine Soaring Association, who should be contacted before flying a Hang or Paraglider in the area. The area is also popular with walkers. The actual site at Nonts takes winds primarily from South to SSW. The Wendy station is not in an ideal location, being a little lower down, but it is the nearest place we could obtain a site nearby For detailed location, see the linked map.|OS Grid ref: SE044147|Altitude: 1200ft (366m)

Interpreting Readings

In Southerly winds, the pub is around 100 yards back from the edge, so in stronger winds, the station under-reads, due to the winds roaring up the edge, and passing over the top of the station, missing the anemometer. However, in lighter winds, it reads true enough. The anemometer is approx 40 feet above ground level, and is in clear air for most directions. Because it is well back from the hill edge, it reads the true windspeed in the area, NOT the "compression" or "venturi" effects. In other words, the Wendy station will read the winds you experience once you have taken off and climbed out of the compression band in front of the hill. more...

Pilot Notes

The takeoff is approx 1 mile to the West of the station, at the junction of the A640 and B6114. The site is a Southerly - SSW one, with NO carry up (you take off within 20 yards of the car park!). I believe it is used mostly by Pennine Soaring Club members, but I don't know if it is an "official" site - I believe not. Hang Glider pilots beware in light winds - if you go down, the carry-out is horrendous!

Local contacts

Pennine Soaring Association

Sites Associated With this Station

SiteLatest Wind
Edenfield Not logged on
Holme Moss Not logged on
Larkhill Not logged on
Longridge Fell Not logged on
Millstone Edge Not logged on
Nont Sarahs Not logged on
Pendle Not logged on
Pule Not logged on
Waystones edge Not logged on
Winter Hill Not logged on

Service Status

21st July. This station is showing signs of failure of the mains supply - I am investigating.
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