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Bradwell Weather Station

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Station Situation

Bradwell Wendy station is on the premises of the Derby and Lancs Gliding Club, near Great Hucklow, south of Castleton. It is around 10 miles West of Sheffield. Bradwell Edge ridge runs along the Western edge of the airfield, and the station is sited on the actual edge, so is in the "compression" or "venturi" zone. By the way, the Sailplane fraternity know this site as "Camphill", whereas the Hang and Paragliding fraternity know it as "Bradwell Edge". For detailed location, see the linked map.|OS Grid ref: SK179790|Altitude: 1200ft (366m)

Interpreting Readings

Being sited in the compression zone, the station often reads quite high figures in Westerly winds, due to the venturi effect, and also due to Wave Doubling, where the atmospheric wave is in phase with the hill, making local winds on the edge often double the general forecast winds for the area. This station regularly records winds over 100mph! In Easterly winds, there is flat ground in front of the station, so it reads "true" windspeed. This often confuses people trying to use it to guess winds on Mam Tor, an easterly flying site 3 miles away. Because Mam Tor blocks the west end of a V-shaped valley, and is a substantial hill with a good venturi effect, the winds on it are often up to double those that the station at Bradwell reads out in Easterlies! more...

Pilot Notes

You are asked to contact the local Hang and Paragliding Club, the Derbyshire Soaring Club before flying a Hang or Paraglider in the area. The actual ridge at Bradwell site is not actually a DSC takeoff, though - although club pilots do fly there after taking off from other hills in the area. Sensible site rules have been agreed with the Derby and Lancs Gliding Club over avoiding flying conflict on the ridge, and these rules have mitigated the midair collision risk. Basically, Hang and Pargliders should not fly over the airfield, or in front of it, when it is active, unless they have a substantial height above the field, such as not to interfere with the glider's circuit. Use a radio on 143.950 MHz to listen for help and advice in the area. The Wendy station at Bradwell is also used by many Model flyers using Calow Bank (Stanage Edge), and it seems to read fairly well for this purpose. The anemometer is approx 25 feet above ground level. There is a display screen showing the station output in both the D and L Gliding Club clubhouse, and in the Woodbine Cafe, on the high street in Hope, near Castleton. Many local Hang and Paragliders congregate there to wait out the weather, and catch up on gossip, whilst keeping an eye on the Wendy readout.

Local contacts

Derbyshire Soaring Club A BHPA registered Derbyshire hang-gliding and paragliding club [Mike Johnson Is their Chairman] Derby and Lancs Gliding Club.

Sites Associated With this Station

SiteLatest Wind
Back of Ecton Not logged on
Bradwell Not logged on
Bunster Hill Not logged on
Cats Tor Not logged on
Chelmorton Not logged on
Crowdecote Not logged on
Edge Top Not logged on
Eyam Edge Not logged on
High Edge Not logged on
High Wheeldon Not logged on
Larkhill Not logged on
Longstone Edge Not logged on
Lords Seat Not logged on
Mam Tor Not logged on
Millstone Edge Not logged on
Pule Not logged on
Rushup Not logged on
Shining Tor Not logged on
Stanage Not logged on
Treak Cliff Not logged on
Wetton Hill Not logged on

Service Status

14th July. The station is working normally.
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