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The Wendy Windblows Alert Service

The Wendy ALERT System informs you by Email or SMS (Text) message when conditions at your chosen flying sites are good.

You just have to set:

The Alert Service Lets You Know That Your Favourite Site Is ON!

For Example:
It's a "wake-up" service, that lets you know if your favourite conditions occur at your favourite site.

"Hey! did you know it's good right now at...?"

The ALERT service is like a friend with a mobile phone, who is standing at the site, sending you a text message or email, saying:

"Hey, did you know it's good here at Devil's Dyke?"

Its value is to keep an eye on things if you are too preoccupied to check the actual weather manually. Think of it as an alarm clock.

How the Alert System Works in Practice

If the time and day-of-the-week are within your settings, and suitable windspeed and direction occur at a site you've booked, then the system will generate an Alert message to you, either by Email, or SMS, or both. This is the ONLY Alert you will get for that station today!

In other words, the system has done it's job by warning you that your desired conditions have occurred at your chosen site.

Cost of the Alert System

Emails don't cost anything to send, of course, but Text (SMS) messages do. Text messages cost from 8p-12p each ,depending on how many you buy.As you receive the messages, they are clocked off your account one by one. When you get down to 10 messages left, you'll get a warning text to top up your account again.

You can set up Email Alerts separately from Text Alerts, and set as many as you like of each type.

You can do an SMS topup, or check your SMS account status, by logging in, and going to My Account - SMS Text Account

To Set Up Site Alerts

First of all, log in to Wendy as normal.

Then click on My Favourites (see below)
Users Home Page

You'll see a page like this one below, with no sites selected.
Select a site, and click OK

My Favourites page

Now you'll see the site added to the list.

Click on the Weather Alerts Turn On button

My Favourites With Sites
You can repeat the process for as many sites as you like.

When the sites are in the My Favourites folder, it's an easy way to check those sites on the web, too - instead of going to the arrowmap, go to My Favourites, and they'll all be listed there under the Weather tab.

The system KNOWS the correct directions for each flying site, and will only Alert you if the wind is in one of the directions that work for that site.

If you are registered with us as a Paraglider, it will Alerts you if winds are between 5-15mph.
If you are a Hang Glider, it will Alert you for winds between 10-25mph.

Setting The Times and Days You Get Alerts

Go to My Account - Message Settings and you will see a simple system for setting the times and days you will get Alerts. You can set different times and days for Email Alerts and for Text Alerts.

Setting Alert Times

If you have any problems, please call me or email me - details are at the top of the page.

Rod Buck

Rod Buck


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