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What is Wendy Windblows?

Live Weather For Most Flying Sites

Wendy is the ONLY weather service that maintains a chain of weather stations where you need them - in the hills!

ALL other weather services use publicly-available data from Met Office or NOAA , which is gathered from airports and airfields or weather buoys at sea. At low level... but ...

The Hills Generate Their Own Weather!

From the hilltop weather stations we run, Wendy predicts accurate weather for most established flying sites in the UK. (Click on the station dots on the map for more info about each station).

Text and Email Alerts

Wendy will send you it's flyable alerts for any flying site (or group of site) you specify when the winds are 'on'.

Wendy's Weather Stations

Map of Wendy Windblows Stations. Click on a symbol for station details.

Messages From Other Pilots

A pilot can arrive at a site, find it's 'on', (or, indeed, rubbish!) and send a message in to Wendy. We'll put that on the site page, and relay it out by email or text, to anyone who has asked to be updated about that site. This includes 'site closed' messages, etc. Or even I'm off to Bradwell, anyone else coming?

Unlike some other messaging services, Wendy's texts are delivered in seconds - no delays!

Club Information

Messages can be also displayed on the club's page on Wendy, and passed around about a club area, or function, such as Club meeting tonight, 8pm - which can be sent to everyone who's asked to be updated about their local club.

Special-Interest Groups

Wendy members can set up special-interest groups on Wendy, have their own group page, and pass messages round to each other. This might be about competitions, XC enthusiasts, powered flying, beginners tips, or maybe just a group of friends who fly and drink together!


There'll be space for you to post your articles about your flying experiences, holidays, tips for new flyers, anything you like. Non-members can see your articles, but only members can post them.

Free Ads

There'll be a FREE marketplace, where you can post your ads for your used equipment (or anything else you want to sell) - and, of course, browse for stuff you want.

Remember, all the keenest flyers are on Wendy, so this is the best place to sell your stuff - and for members, it's free. Non-members can see your ad, but only members can post ads.

No Other Intrusive Advertising or Popups

Wendy is a subscription service - we have actual weather stations to run, and high-quality, fast reliable messaging services to pay for. It costs money, so we're not free.

However, we won't sell your information to anyone else, and there are no intrusive ads or popups. Remember, in life, you get what you pay for. The most sensible comment I heard about web based services is this:

If you're not paying for it, you're not a customer; you're the product being sold!

Low Subscriptions

However, Wendy isn't expensive - you can be a member for as little as 8p a day! You can join for a month, to try it out, or have a lower rate for a year's membership, or two years, which is even cheaper.

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